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True Devotion to Healing

My passion for people, healing, and nature has been my gift in life. And what better gift could one ask for? Reach out to me today for a free online consultation.


Message From The Herb Goddess

Everyone has a reason for starting a business. For many, the motivation is money. For others it brings a sense of freedom and accomplishment and yet others have a need to share passions, knowledge and beliefs to the point that it becomes their life work. I have found the latter to be what works for me.

I don't believe in riches, I believe in wealth. Real wealth is adding value to society.  

As a Herbal Practitioner, my passion is sharing my love and knowledge of plant medicine with others. It is my goal to promote healing, improve lives and do all that I can to help people discover their wisdom within and the innate healing power of the body.

My passion for people, healing and nature has been my gift in life, and what better gift could one ask for? 

Your Herbalist,

True Devotion To Healing!!!

Herb Vibez

Trust Herb Vibez is a small, personalized online herbal store that offers high-quality crafted product selections. 


• Member, International Association of Natural Health Practitioners (IANHP) 

My Mission

My mission is to promote healing on a cellular level. Good cell health is essential for the body to function properly. When you don't take the correct measures to nourish the millions of cells that make up your body, the internal processes will become sluggish and lead to dis-ease and poor health. 

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